Bull Terrier: Bull Terrier

No-one could mistake a Bull Terrier for anything else. 

He stands on firm, powerful legs, staring straight at you, built on lines reminiscent of the bull from which his name is partly derived. 

But for all his somewhat forbidding presence, he is in fact a kindly chap, loving the human race, even if he is none too sure about his attitude to the dog next door. 

Handled properly he will live in peace with his neighbour but he does need a firm hand if he is to fit effectively into modern civilisation. 

Most people would regard him as being basically white all over, with an occasional piratical patch over one eye, but he does come in other hues, including brindle, red, fawn and tricolour.

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  • Every dog on earth likely descended from a species known as the Tomarctus – a creature that roamed the earth over 15million years ago

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