Bulldog: Bulldog

Part of the Utility Breed group and one of our oldest indigenous breeds, known as the national dog of Great Britain, and associated throughout the world with British determination and the legendary John Bull. Used originally for bull-baiting, the Bulldog also fought its way through the dog pits but after 1835 began to evolve into the shorter-faced, more squat version we now know. It entered the showring in 1860 and the ensuing years saw a big personality change. A delightfully ugly dog; this belies a loving, affectionate nature to family and friends. He has a reputation for tenacity and is very courageous, strong and powerful. A little bit stubborn by nature, but good-tempered with children, of whom he is also fiercely protective. The impression he gives of being slow and sluggish is completely contradicted by the great bursts of speed which he can and does produce when the occasion demands. His mood can be dignified, humorous or comical, and he has many endearing ways.

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