Breeds of Dog: Working Group

Working group dogs are those that were traditionally trained to assist in some way; for example they became guards or search and rescue dogs. Many, such as the St. Bernard, have become particularly representative of these roles in our minds. Working dogs are generally highly intelligent, respond well to training, and are mostly large breed dogs.

Most will need substantial amounts of exercise and mental stimulation; however, for large breeds, exercise must be carefully monitored and restricted when they are puppies as too much early on could lead to permanent lameness.

Those with thick coats, such as the Husky, will need extra attention in the summer to ensure they do not suffer from heatstroke, as they were originally bred with extreme winter temperatures in mind.

Some more examples of Working dogs are listed below, or you can visit the Kennel Club's website for more information. Please also remember that every dog is an individual and both genetic and environmental factors affect their temperament.

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