Boston Terrier: Boston Terrier

Although the Boston Terrier owes a little of his ancestry to the British Bulldog, the breed actually came into being in the late nineteenth century in the eastern states of America. His short, square muzzle identifies him as a ‘Bull breed’ and his small erect ears combined with his well defined colouring add to his smart appearance. Dapper and classy, he is a real eye-catcher when out and about. The Boston is derived from original pit fighting dogs and is one of the few breeds ‘made in the USA’. It was in 1893 that a mix of bull and terrier types produced the first pair of dogs which were to become the foundation of the Boston Terrier.

A part of the Utility Breeds group, Boston Terrier's are good-tempered and happy house dogs - if a little boisterous. His short coat is easy to care for and his sense of intelligence is highly developed.

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