Borzoi: Borzoi

A longish, fairly lean head on a slightly arched neck, well set shoulders and firm straight bone, a deep chest, and strong muscular hindquarters are the hallmarks of a handsome breed which must combine elegance, quality and stamina under a silky, easily groomed coat. 

Their coats are silky and of medium length with heavy feathering on the legs, undercarriages and tails. They have a long reach and a springy stride being driven from powerful hocks, giving them an apparently effortless action. 

Borzois are dogs of beauty and give every suggestion of power, courage and speed. Borzois are difficult to train. They are stubborn and not really prone to obedience so it is essential that training is started at a young age. 

Consistency and patience will work wonders!

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  • Bloodhounds have been used since the 1600's for tracking criminals. but even bloodhounds cannot smell the difference between two identical twins.

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