Bedlington Terrier: Bedlington Terrier

This unique breed has a lamb-like look about it, but don’t be fooled, he is a terrier through and through. A North Country dog, originally his role was to catch rabbits for the family pot, and a sporting dog he still remains. 

It is claimed that the Bedlington can boast a longer traceable pedigree than any other terrier and once was known as the Rothbury Terrier, hailing from the former mining areas of the north of England. 

His fame spread outside his native region and an association was started for the breed in 1877. One of the features peculiar to this breed is the coat which is described as ‘linty’, and his neat outline does require regular trimming. Although his expression is mild he is quite capable of fending for himself, but will not seek a scrap. He is a tough little dog, good in the house, and makes a delightful family pet.

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