Battery Farmed Dogs: Support the Campaign

Here's what you can do to help support our campaign to end the battery farming of dogs:

Write to your Local Authority about suspicious pet vendors

If there’s a pet shop, garden centre or other pet vending premises in your area where you feel the standard of care for the animals is inadequate we recommend that you contact your Local Authority.

Tell us about your experiences

Did you buy your dog from an advert on the internet or in a newspaper, from a pet shop, garden centre or superstore? Many of these are supplied by battery farms and you might have found that your puppy has had health or behavioural problems as a result of being bred in this way.

Please try to include as much of the information below in your email as possible. We know there are a lot of questions, but it helps if we know as much as possible about your situation.

About you

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your phone number
  • Would you be happy to be contacted by Dogs Trust?

About your dog

  • Animal name
  • Animal’s age when bought
  • Animal’s physical condition when bought
  • Animals’s age at death (if applicable)

About the sale

  • Date of purchase:
  • Venue of purchase
  • Vendor’s name
  • Vendor’s address
  • Did you buy the pet at your first meeting?
  • Did the vendor give you any health or vaccination records for the pet?

About your pet’s illness

  • How long after buying the pet did it first become ill?
  • Ailments suffered by pet, (include mental symptoms if applicable):
  • Action taken by owner (eg took pet to vet, took pet back to vendor etc)
  • Veterinary diagnosis:
  • Did the pet display any aggression towards people or other pets?

About your actions

  • Did you try to return your pet to vendor when you found it was ill?
  • If yes, what was their response?
  • If your pet died, did you take any legal action against the vendor?
  • If yes, what has happened to date?
  • Has the vendor been helpful in his/her dealings with you?

Unfortunately we cannot respond to every email personally but please be assured that the information you send through is extremely valuable and will help Dogs Trust in the fight against the abhorrent practice of battery farming of dogs. 

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