Barking: Barking from Fear

If a dog is scared he may bark at strangers, dogs or in certain situations. When he barks his ears may go back and his tail held low and he will stand away from whatever is frightening him. Even small movements or eye contact from the object of fear may start your dog barking, although this should stop when he is ignored.

  • Dogs that are scared bark to tell us that they are not happy and this is a good thing because it gives us a warning that they cannot cope. Frightened dogs may eventually bite to get the ‘scary’ thing to go away so it is important you don’t ignore the warning.
  • If your dog is scared of certain things or situations, making him face his fears is the worse thing to do. Instead, try to avoid them and ask your vet to refer you to a behaviourist who can help your dog to safely get over his fears.
  •  Download a printable factsheet about barking
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