Barking: Barking from Boredom

If he is bored he may bark when he has nothing to do. He may also be destructive in an effort to amuse himself. Bored dogs will bark or be destructive when you are in the house as well as when they’re left alone.

  • Start by introducing some interesting activities into his routine. Try clicker training and simple puzzle-solving games (i.e. find the treat under a cup) and take him out more often during the day for calm walks with plenty of sniffing allowed. Keep interactions calm with plenty of gentle praise and rewards – the idea is to exercise his mind, more so than his body. A really good book full of ideas is ‘Playtime for your dog – keep him busy throughout the day’ by Christina Sondermann.
  • Don't leave him alone for long periods of time and try to get a dog walker if you are out at work all day.
  • Consider getting him a companion dog, if your situation is suitable – he’ll be too busy playing to be bored! If not, at least try to arrange regular ‘play-dates’ with well-behaved dogs of friends and family.

    Download a printable factsheet about barking

    Download a printable factsheet about beating boredom

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  • Dogs can be trained to detect epileptic seizures!

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