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Latest News

Dogs Trust warns of the dangers of chocolate this Easter

Dogs Trust, Ireland’s largest dog welfare charity, is today highlighting the tragic consequences of feeding your dog human chocolate this Easter. Sadly many dog owners are simply unaware of the dangers during this fun and sweet-filled time.

15 April 2014

Dogs Trust to save 500 more puppies each year with a new dedicated puppy wing.

Dogs Trust has today announced that it is expanding it's successful flagship Dublin Rehoming Centre

20 March 2014

Dogs Trust to save 500 more puppies each year with a new dedicated puppy wing

20 March 2014


Three of Ireland’s leading animal welfare organisations (ISPCA, Dogs Trust and The Irish Blue Cross) have today joined together to issue a statement welcoming the new Animal Health and Welfare Act (AHWA) which is fundamental in preventing cruelty to animals in Ireland.

07 March 2014